It is sad but true that the majority of our children in SA do not live with both their biological parents but most live with their mother or other caregivers.  Many fathers do not live with all their children but may have different families.  At some stage in their lives children will want to meet their father and it is good for fathers to know their children.  Conscious of the realities in the community let Fathers’ Day be celebrated in appropriate ways.  A homily could note the value of a father’s role and responsible fatherhood for men of all ages.

Thank God, the Father of all for the gift of life and pray for every father and future father that they will do their best to be like God, the Father for their children.

Invite children to draw pictures of their dads or write about or to their father.  The topic can be used for faith sharing during the week also for discussion between mothers and fathers.

FATHER STORY WEEK 2015 Fathers’Story week library pamphlet.   Encourage this activity where fathers read stories to their young children to strengthen their bond and help in their psycho-social development.

Also see article as a resource  FATHERHOOD ref and prayer.  

Visit frontpagefather and famnet as local resources for parenting and fatherhood resources and training.

Men at Mass in Ennerdale, Gauteng

Men at Mass in Ennerdale, Gauteng

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