Family Thought April 15. Twelfth Station


NARRATOR 1.  MAY SIN DIE IN US. “Jesus we honour you.” Response:“ “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.” The world around us is a mixture, there is good and there is evil.  Each time I choose God’s way by being honest, helpful and obedient instead of choosing the lazy, easy way, sin dies in me.

NARRATOR 2.  Jesus said “The greatest proof of love is to give your life for your friends.”  He gave his life for us, he died to show his love and save us from our sins.  Sin died with him and in him.

LEADER:  PRAY.    Lord Jesus, how can I ever thank you for this greatest gift of your life for me and for all of us.  All we can give in return are all our efforts to make sin die in us by trying to follow your way.

Pope Francis: The mission Jesus received from his Father was that of revealing the mystery of God’s love in its fullness. MM8

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