Family Lenten Thought. April 13. Eleventh Station


NARRATOR 1.      DO NOT MOCK OTHERS. “Jesus we honour you.” Response:“ “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.” Do I laugh when I see other people praying?  Do I mock others when they are helpless or when they stand up for what they believe in? Or do I admire them for their courage?  It is easy to admire the strong and powerful and look down on the weak and helpless even though the powerful may be bullies and the weak may be right.

NARRATOR 2.  Cruel, selfish men had bought about this situation, Jesus’ hands and feet were nailed to the cross and it was put upright.  Jesus hung there quite helpless.  Other cruel and selfish men came by and mocked him and made fun of him.  They laughed and said “He saved others, let him now save himself and come down from the cross”. But Jesus suffered in silence. It was the right thing to do.

LEADER:  PRAY:    Help me Father, when I am utterly helpless, as Jesus was, to be brave and strong.  Help me too not to mock others who are doing their best and what they believe to be right.

Pope Francis: Lord Jesus grant us the grace of holy hope   Son of man help strip us of arrogance of the unrepentant thief, corrupt, exploit, convict, criticise, mock, blame someone else even God.

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