Family Lenten Thought April 12. Tenth Station


NARRATOR 1. DO NOT BE ATTACHED TO MATERIAL THINGS. “Jesus we honour you.” Response: “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.”  What are the most important things in my life, the things I want the most?  Are they my toys, bicycle, phone, computer, clothes, car i.e. material things, or are they the care and love of my family and friends?

NARRATOR 2.   Nearly all Jesus’ friends had left him.  They were afraid.  His own people, the Jews had turned against him.  Then his clothes were taken off in public, even his dignity was lost.  He had no possessions left.

LEADER:  PRAY.   Father, help me to recognize that the really valuable things in life are my family and friends, my self respect and the respect of others.  Don’t ever let me trade these for material possessions.

Pope Francis:  Do not fall into the terrible trap of thinking that life depends on money and that in comparison with money anything else is devoid of value or dignity.  MV19   

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