Family Lenten Thought. April 10. Eighth Station


NARRATOR 1.  COMFORT THE SAD AND LONELY.  “Jesus we honour you.” Response: “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.”

NARRATOR 2.  Jesus knew he was soon going to die.  He chose this but like us, he didn’t want to suffer and he was also frightened. Even so, he thought of others. As he passed a group of women who were crying for him, he spoke to them and comforted them.

LEADER:  PRAY:    Dear Father, your world is full of sad and lonely people.  Don’t let me be so wrapped up in my own life that I cannot look beyond my own problems at the problems of others.

Pope Francis:  Lord Jesus we turn to you with shame, for our generation leaving young people a world shattered by division and wars, by selfishness and with young, sick and elderly who are marginalised. Shame for losing a sense of shame. 

STATIONS OF THE CROSS FOR FAMILIES are available from MARFAM in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho and Tswana. See also STATIONS FOR THE WIDOWED AND BEREAVED.

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