Family Holy Week Thought. April 16. 13th Station.


NARRATOR 1.  KEEP UP YOUR COURAGE. “Jesus we honour you.” Response: “Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done for us.”  Have I ever felt completely discouraged, as if my world is falling apart; everything has gone wrong and no one seems to love me any more?  All I want to do is run away or sit down and die.  What courage it takes to carry on. How many parents have cradled the lifeless body of a child?

NARRATOR 2.  Imagine how Jesus’ friends felt.  He was dead, had deserted them just when they thought he was going to be their king.  Jesus’ mother Mary, the apostle John and some of Jesus’ other friends didn’t run away but stayed.  The Roman soldier stuck his spear into Jesus’ side and blood and water came out proving that he was really dead.  His body was taken down and put into his mother’s arms.  His friends must have wondered if all was finished.

LEADER:  PRAY. Father God, do not let me give up hope but give me courage of Mary and John to carry on following your way even when it seems that everything is wrong.

Pope Francis: Mercy, the bridge connecting God and man, opens our hearts to a hope of being loved forever despite our sinfulness. MV2

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