Walk and talk. Family Faith Focus April 19. “FAMILIES WALK THE TALK”

“Not recognising Jesus, that’s my story,” Peter said.  “Didn’t you tell us all the same stories when we were little?   Why didn’t those two disciples that were walking on the road to Emmaus recognise Jesus?  Why didn’t they have names?  Were they not important? I like to think that Jesus is there for me even if I am not important as much as for Pope Francis, or the bishop.  Is that being “Unhumble?”  John said, ” What I like is that there were a pair of them, together, maybe even a husband and wife, maybe with their kids and that Jesus took his time to walk and talk with them. Walk and talk, that is nice, isn’t it?  We should all do that too, all together.”

Beginning with Moses and all the prophets he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.  Read Luke 24:13-35

Pope Francis:  O God come to my assistance. O Lord make haste to help me.  The assistance we ask for is already the first step of God’s mercy towards us. Day after day touched by his compassion we also can become compassionate with others.  MV14 .

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