Seeing Jesus. Family Faith Focus 18 April. “FAMILIES WALK THE TALK”

Tuesday of Easter week.  Young Magdalene liked the story how on Easter morning while her name sake was weeping over the fact that Jesus’ body had disappeared she saw a strange man in the garden.   She shared, “Once when I was quite little you told me that Jesus was everywhere and I must  look around to see him.  I didn’t know what he looked like.  It seems that Mary Magdalene also didn’t recognise him.  That made me wonder, how different does he look to different people at different times.”     Supposing him to be the gardener Mary  Magdalene said to him,” Sir if you have carried him away tell where you have laid him and I will take him away. “ Jesus said to her, “Mary”.  She turned and said to him “Rabboni, Teacher.”   Read John 20:11-18

Pope Francis. Let us open our eyes and see the misery of the world, the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are denied their dignity and let us recognise that we are compelled to heed their cry for help.   May their cry become our own and together may we break the barriers of indifference that too often reign supreme. MV 15

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