EVENTS AND READS September 2017

  • MINI WORLD YOUTH DAY is happening in DURBAN 2017. Everything you need to know.   Days in parishes,  Registration is still open.    What to e
  • #CatecheticalSessions
  •  9th WORLD MEETING OF FAMILIES IN DUBLIN from 21-26 August 2018. The SACBC Family Life Office is organising for couples and families to participate in this event as a group. It is hoped that many will be able to do so. For details of the 3 Day Congress, Festival of Families and Solemn High Mass visit   A package is being negotiated for approx. R30000 + per person for 6 nights. A deposit of R5000 must be paid by the end of October in order to secure accommodation.   Contact Mr. Ali and Ntsako Motiang   0824906346 or 0780883799.
  • AMORIS, let’s talk family, Let’s be family is a programme developed for preparatory catechesis for the World Meeting of Families Dublin 2018. Check out
  •  CHRISTOPHER WEST, the world-renowned expert on St John Paul II Theology of the Body IS HERE THIS WEEK. He will run seminars and speak to couples, youth, religious, seminarians in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Find out more on events between 6 and 13 September.
  •  ST AUGUSTINE COLLEGE of South Africa.  South Africa’s only Catholic university in South Africa needs YOUR SUPPORT, most importantly full time paying students for 2018.   St Augustine offers a full range of degrees in the humanities: Bachelor, Honours, Master and Doctoral degrees. Fields of study: Education, Applied Ethics, Peace Studies, Theology and Philosophy. 2-year mixed mode programme for the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies.   Learn more about the Short courses to be run in October. These includes a short course on Marriage and Canon Law.
  •  RADIO VERITAS daily advertises events of interest to listeners around the country. Call or email to provide information about celebrations, workshops and stimulating lectures.
  • SEPTEMBER is the month for our heritage and the environment. Study of Pope Francis Laudato Si  can be done in different ways.  Google to download the document and various available programmes from around the world.  Also see DAY OF PRAYER FOR CREATION.  What heritage and cultural events are being planned in your parish and diocese?   Pic………
  •  Mission month is coming up in October. Read about Pontifical Mission Societies and the  MISSIO SACBC E
  • Tune in to discussions on corporal punishment, pornography, legalization of dagga with Christian View
  • Covenant Eyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering. “What people do online impacts their lives offline.  See how internet accountability reports can help you pass on your values.   For parents, individuals to monitor and filter online viewing.
  •  Check out international websites for church and family issues. of general Catholic interest also has a For Her on women’s issues.
  • check out CANAA for news of the African church.

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