• 9th WORLD MEETING OF FAMILIES IN DUBLIN from 21-26 August 2018. The SACBC Family Life Office is responsible for organising local support for couples and families to go as a group. It is hoped that many will participate in this exciting event. For full details of the Congress, Festival and Solemn High Mass visit

A package has been negotiated for approx. R35000 per person for 6 nights. To join the group a deposit of R5000 must be paid by the end of August to secure accommodation.   Contact Mr. Ali and Ntsako Motiang   0824906346 or 0780883799

  • Become media savvy. What is happening in the Church in South Africa, Africa and the world? SOUTHERN CROSS – print and digital.   Worldwide, Trefoil,  the weekly Link which is focusing on family life at present, also local and sodality  newsletters  What is happening in the Church in Africa, violence and more.   Check out and google Catholic media, national and international.
  • SACBC PRESS RELEASES: for news in Southern Africa.  Mini World Youth Day,  the SACBC plenary.  Visit for current statements and press releases.
  • Keep up to date with the Vatican news on the family on the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.
  • Read the MISSIO SACBC   Email
  • Website of general Catholic interest also has a newsletter on women’s issues. Check out For Her.
  • WOMEN’S MONTH in South Africa is not only for women but can be for everyone when focusing on women from a family perspective. MARFAM’s theme: Gender Justice.  See daily reflections and Prayer for Women of Southern Africa.    What events will your parish be organizing during this month.  I spoke at Our Lady of Mercy, Emdeni, Soweto on WOMAN – Genius or Victim.
  •  CHRISTOPHER WEST: For information and dates of events between 6 and 13 September for his visit to promote the THEOLOGY OF THE BODY  visit
  • PARENTING COURSES at FAMILY LIFE CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG in August. Toddler Taming, Teens and in-betweens,  Visit
  •  ST AUGUSTINE COLLEGE of South Africa. Our only Catholic university in South Africa needs YOUR SUPPORT. Visit Augustine offers a full range of degrees in the humanities: Bachelor, Honours, Master and Doctoral degrees. Fields of study: Education, Applied Ethics, Peace Studies, Theology and Philosophy. 2-year mixed mode programme for the Higher Certificate in Biblical Studies.   Learn more about the Spring School which includes a short course on Marriage and Canon Law.
  •  RADIO VERITAS daily advertises events of interest to listeners around the country. Call or email to give them information about, celebrations, workshops and stimulating lectures.  Buy a ticket for R250 to win a trip for 2 for the 1-10 October pilgrimage with Fr Brian Mhlanga and the Southern Cross.

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