Divorce. Ubuntu Marriage Thought 11 September

The young couples were warned, “No one sets out with the intention of divorce down the line but everyone should be aware from the start of the possibility of breakdown if steps are not taken to prevent it.  Personal issues, loss of loving feelings, disillusionment, poor communication, conflict over money or children, unfaithfulness, domestic violence or abuse are issues that can lead to a breakdown. Some are natural effects of stresses of daily living. Some are mistakes made and the bitterness, anger and hurt caused can result in a choice to end the relationship. Divorce is a legal matter and is not recognised by the Church which still considers the couple married.  The Church nevertheless expresses concern for those who suffer this type of loss while at the same time recognising the disorder divorce introduces into the family and society .”   

Pope Francis:   In some cases respect for one’s own dignity and the good of the children requires not giving in to excessive demands or preventing a grave injustice, violence or chronic ill-treatment.  In such cases separation becomes inevitable.   Special discernment is indispensable for the pastoral care of those who are separated, divorced or abandoned.   Divorced people who have not remarried ought to be encouraged to find in the Eucharist the nourishment they need to sustain them.   AL241

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