Divorce Mediation. Ubuntu Family Thought 13 September

“If the Church doesn’t recognise divorce how can it condone divorce mediation?” This was being  discussed at their weekly group meeting. Many of the women expressed their views about all aspects of divorce as they had heard from friends and relatives.  Finally Mrs Peyton made her contribution. “When I knew that our marriage was doomed because of Paul’s continued unfaithfulness I was encouraged to seek counselling about the best way forward. I was hurt, he was angry, we fought all the time and the children were suffering too. I am very pleased that with the help of an outside mediator we reached an agreement that we both could live with and I am at peace that I did the best thing I could.   It sure wasn’t easy but….”  In the reflective silence that followed Patience squeezed her hand.

I praise all those who help people wounded by the breakdown of their marriage by showing them Christ’s compassion and counseling them according to Christ’s truth.  John Paul II  New York 1982. 

Pope Francis. Couples will gain from receiving help in facing crises, meeting challenges and acknowledging them as part of family life. AL 232

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