Discerning one’s vocation. Family Thought :Women and Men Matter August 20

 “How does God choose people to whom he gives a special vocation?”  Gordon wondered quietly on the Vocations weekend. “Does he just whisper in your ear, shout at you, speak through someone else, or travel alongside you as you reflect on your own life?  I’m a sociable kind of guy and do like girls, but also have this sense of calling from God.  Celibacy and not ever marrying or having children is really what puts me off.   Doesn’t that bother other guys and girls too?”     

Gideon said to the Lord, ”Please Lord, how can I deliver Israel? My clan is the weakest in my tribe and I am the least in my family.” And the Lord said, “But I will be with you.” Judges 6:11-24   

Pope Francis:  In discerning your vocation, do not dismiss the possibility of devoting yourself to God in the priesthood, the religious life or in other forms of consecration.  If you do recognise and follow a call from God there you will find complete fulfilment.   CV 276

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