Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Family Faith Focus 30 November

Everyone knows the story of Daniel and the lion’s den and how God saved him. Do they know this happened because he was not afraid to lose his life but he was faithful to God instead of obeying the laws of the kingdom? King Darius was fond of Daniel and did not want him to be killed but he had to obey the law.  When God saved Daniel the king was glad and spread the word everyone that Daniel’s God was the greatest.  This is a great teaching story.

Daniel said to the king, “O king , live forever! My God sent his angel and shut the lions’ mouths and they have not hurt me because I was found blameless before him.  From Dan 6:11-27.  

Pope Francis Today’s vast and rapid cultural changes demand that we constantly seek ways of expressing unchanging truths in a language which out their abiding newness.   The deposit of the faith is one thing.  The way it is expressed is another.   EG 41

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