Dagga and sin. Family Thought for the Day 12 January

Dad explained, “ When I was young smoking dagga was illegal and I saw it as a sin.  Now it isn’t illegal any more and so isn’t it a sin any more?  So what really makes something a sin?” The family held a very good discussion about it. Morris, the wiser older son explained that sin and law don’t necessarily go together.  “Smoking a joint with a friend can affect one’s behaviour but getting high on any drug and driving and killing someone is definitely a sin, even a mortal sin, don’t you think?  But what about just smoking a joint?  Is it worse than a cigarette or a drink?  We need to be responsible and make choices about what is harmful to ourselves and to others and what is good.  Sin is breaking a rule and is an offence against God but mainly it is about relationships and doing harm.

There is sin which is deadly.   All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin which is not deadly.  1 John 5:14-21. Pope Francis:  Only God forgives sins, but he asks that we be ready to forgive others even as he has forgiven us.  MM8   

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