Cross and Creation. Family Faith Focus 14 September.

Mom shared, “Today is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. I have always liked the first reading  from the letter to the Colossians.  “Put on as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness and patience, forbearing and forgiving one another as the Lord forgives.  And over all these put on love.”  But when you think of it all things are really other words for love, whether we are talking about our own little family, or grannies and cousins, or the people in the parish.  But then I remind myself that if I love these people I must also love all of creation and the world in which we live.”  “Ditto,” said George. “There she goes again,” said Eliza! Read Colosians 3:12-17 .

Pope Francis.  Each year sees the disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species which we will never know, which our children will never see, because they have been lost for ever. The great majority become extinct for reasons related to human activity. Because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God by their very existence, nor convey their message to us. We have no such right.  LS. 33.

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