Concern for Migrant Youth. Family Thought: Women and Men Matter August 16

The parish chairman introduced some migrant families from the DRC to the family ministry team. Some of the local youth made a point of welcoming the foreign young people and were shocked by the stories that some of the girls shared with them about their hardships on their journey. “But we do believe that God has been good to us to bring us here.” Prudence said.        

After crossing the Jordan Josua gathered all the people and they presented themselves before God.  The Lord God said, “I chose you and made your offspring many.  I delivered you from enemies and it was not by your sword or bow but I gave you a land on which you had not laboured or cities which you had not built.  From Josua 24:1-13.

Pope Francis:  The Church’s concern is especially of migrants fleeing from war, violence, political or religious persecution, natural disasters and poverty. Many are young. Migrants dream of a better future and they want to create the conditions for achieving it.  Unscrupulous traffickers, frequently linked to drug or arms cartels exploit the weakness of migrants not only women and girls who too often experience violence, trafficking, psychological and physical abuse. CV 91-2  

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