Child Trafficking. Family Faith Focus 13 November.

We hear a lot about child trafficking, how these traffickers groom children to become prostitutes.  Is that sinful for them or for the traffickers?  Or what about those who go to prostitutes, surely that is sinful?    The children are tempted with sweets, cellphones, clothes and are given drugs to make them become addicts.  Could their behaviour then be regarded as sinful?  The school had sent a notice to families to talk to their children about trafficking but of course temptation and sin was not something the school addressed. Parents, as the first educators of their children, dare not lose out on doing their duty or else their children may lose their lives.

Jesus said, Temptations to sin are sure to come but woe to him by whom they come! But anyone who tempts children does a great wrong, such people should be thrown away.” Luke 17:1-6

Pope Francis The sexual exploitation of children is another scandalous and perverse reality in present-day society. Sexual abuse of children is all the more scandalous when it occurs in places where they ought to be most safe, in families, schools, communities and Christian institutions.  AL 45.

In his message to the OSCE conference on trafficking in children, Pope Francis called the problem “a form of slavery, a crime against humanity, a grave violation of human rights, and an atrocious scourge”. “Today’s complex migration scenario is sadly characterized by ‘[…] new forms of slavery imposed by criminal organizations, which buy and sell men, women and children,” the message read. He said human trafficking is “worsening” and that, in some instances, “evidence brings one to doubt the real commitment of some important players.” Repeating his words in 2014 during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the Pope said, “All too many children continue to be exploited, maltreated, enslaved, prey to violence and illicit trafficking. Still too many children live in exile, as refugees, at times lost at sea, particularly in the waters of the Mediterranean. Today, in acknowledging this, we feel shame before God. ”The conference is promoting the three P’s for effective action against trafficking (to prevent, to protect, and to prosecute), to which Pope Francis added a fourth: “to partner”. 

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