Checking your Perspections – Those Darn Birds

The clubhouse manager said to me, “I’ve been siting here just watching those peacocks walking past.”   I said, “Do you want me to shut the door to keep them out?”

Some months ago I reflected “Why does the cry of the peacock sound so sad?”   That was when I admired them greatly and they were living down the street.   Now a pair of males has taken up residence in our retirement village, literally.  They strut about, at the drop of a hat they’ll walk right into the clubhouse and leaving their droppings on the carpet.  They do fly on to the roof but mostly they walk the paths.  And I don’t hear their cry any more. Now I’ve had to change my perception and perspective – hence the word “perspection.” They are still beautiful but from admiring them at a distance they have become a real nuisance.  Sadly.

Changing one’s perspective can be seen as one of those January tasks, probably the result of a perception change.  It is part of taking stock and making resolutions.   What will they be?

Some Issues of current concern are:

  • Education – back to school and on to higher learning. In an orderly manner?
  • Work – back to work if one is fortunate to have a job, otherwise job-seeking as an alternative to going on to exercising a right to higher learning.
  • Politics – always a concern on many levels, not just from a party perspective
  • Corruption – interestingly it seems one can get fired for trying to hard.
  • Racism – the furore over a kiddie hoodie jacket being labelled racist because it is shown on a small black child and uses “coolest monkey.” Doesn’t every parent of every hue call their kids monkey, or is there a

    offending jacket

    language issue here? Trashing stores that sell the particular jacket is in my view an outrageous overreaction that promotes vandalism and lack of respect for property that appears to have become part of our way of life.

Where will this kind of behaviour lead us?  Trashing schools and higher education institutions if “demands” are not met?  If the peacocks come into the building and drop their messes, surely one doesn’t need to beat them to death.  You shut the door to keep them out, as unfortunately it is not possible to dialogue and negotiate with them.

From my perspective reason and respect are bottom-line essentials in managing life situations, in families too where values are learned.  Back to basics still appears to be a meaningful perception.


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