Charismatic worship. Family Thought May 11

Pauline had been searching for something more and deeper in her life than regular attendance at Mass with her family.   A friend invited her to a Pentecostal prayer service which she enjoyed and so she started trying out different experiences.  Her mom became worried when she got very involved with one particular charismatic group but Pauline reminded her mom that in the early church there were also very enthusiastic and passionate leaders.

Peter raised Lydda from the dead. Acts 9:31-42.

Pope Francis: The credibility of he Christian message would be much greater if Christians could overcome their divisions and the Church could realise the fullness of catholicity. We must never forget we are pilgrims journeying alongside one another. We are all seeking the radiant peace of God’s face. EG 244.  

Mary, mother of pilgrims, pray for us.

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  1. S. Selbourne.

    I just want to say this: “You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire”!!!
    The Holy Spirit is the action of the Triune God.
    Church will never be boring again….

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