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Family Reflection

Family Reflection.  April 30th. Brian and Joan both loved sport and excelled in running. Even though she was younger than him she had become more successful, possibly because they trained together and sometimes ran in a mixed team. Passing the baton ...Read More


17th January. Jock said, ”Have you ever wondered why so many “tax collectors and sinners” were so keen to follow Jesus? Was it because of a guilty conscience or because they were treated as outcasts?

October reflections

Evangelisation, passing on the good news of God's love, is the mission of the church-as-Family and of all people who seek peace.

August reflections

Male and female were created equal by God from the beginning.........

July 2011 Reflection

Introduction : Growth and development does not end with adulthood but continues into old age where relationships and personal needs continue to change. Justice demands that the needs to love and be loved, to be autonomous and experience a ...Read More