Careers. Ubuntu Marriage Thought 5 October

While women have often had to work to contribute to the support of their families greater freedom and opportunities for education and careers have an impact on their relationships in a society that is still mainly patriarchal.  With women and men both having meaningful careers conflict can arise when their jobs take them away from home. Is the man still regarded as the head of the home and should she follow him on his career path?   Everyone in the group could share how they have had to negotiate this aspect with more or less conflict in resolving the matter.

In the Book of Genesis, God entrusts his creation to the human couple for them to guard it, cultivate it, and direct it according to his plan (cf. Gen1:27-28; 2:15). In this we may recognize the task of man and woman to collaborate with God in the process of transforming the world through work, science and technology. Man and woman are also the image of God in this important work, which they are to carry out with the Creator’s own love.   Pope Benedict wmf 2012

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