Ash Wednesday Family Thought

March  6. Ash Wednesday. The whole school, whether they were Catholic or not went to get their ashes on their foreheads.  “Why do you do this?” the RE teacher asked the class. “Dunno.” “We just do it every year.” “It’s tradition and then we all give up something during Lent, but we’re not really supposed to tell,“ one Grade 6 girl said.  “That is the penance part, but we can also take up some extra sacrifice that really challenges one’s willpower. The ashes are a reminder that it is time to pull up our socks.  God is kind and forgives our faults.  Jesus tells us and shows us how.” “And don’t forget it is a day for fasting and abstinence. No hot dogs today.”

Even now return to me with all your heart, with fasting with weeping and with mourning and tear your hearts and not your garments” says the Lord. Joel 2:12 .”  

Pope Francis says, “Jesus is the face of the Father’s mercy.  Let us contemplate it every day.” MV1. (See a Family Lenten calendar with Acts of Mercy and Sacrifice on

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