Apostles for Today. Whom would Jesus choose? Family focus: Heritage and Creation Thought September 10

September 10th. “If Jesus was here today, starting his Church, I wonder whom he would choose for his apostles. What kind of people would he consider?”   Everyone was given a chance to think about this and different groups came up with different lists.  “We have to have some couples, equal numbers of men and women probably,  younger people,  some older and wiser men and women.”  “What about some gay people, businessmen or women, sporting types, politicians,  etc?  “And some priests and nuns and, of course, Pope Francis would be a good choice.”  Bruce commented, “Jesus didn’t go and choose Pharisees and scribes now did he?   But whomever he would choose they would all have to be able to accept one another and work well as a team.”

In those days Jesus went out into the hills to pray and all night he continued in prayer to God.  When it was day he called his disciples and chose from them twelve whom he named apostles. Luke 6:12-19. 

Pope Francis: Christian thought sees human beings as possessing a particular dignity above other creatures, it inculcates esteem for each person and respect for others.  LS119.

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