Considering that everyone belongs to a family and that 99+% of the Church consists of laity living in family relationships of various kinds in the world and in line with the SACBC Pastoral Plan, of Community Serving Humanity as well as the model of the family as the domestic church and the Church as the Family of God it is our mission:

  • To invite a greater awareness of the needs of the family as the domestic church.
  • To source and provide suitable resource material for family strengthening, enrichment and promotion of the spirituality of marriage and family relationships and daily life.
  • To develop and distribute resources for family catechesis.
Marfam's 20th anniversary edition

Marfam’s 20th anniversary edition

Marfam’s Publications:  See a full list.


A Magazine Family Matters, Thoughts for the Day booklets and the Family Matters weekly e-Newsletters. The e-newsletters give readers a chance to dialogue with us and others.  Send an email [email protected] to join the mailing list

Other Publications:

A Family Year Planner Calendar around a theme is produced annually.  Monthly sub-themes provide topics for engagement.

Special faith sharing booklets, children’s booklets and liturgical resources.

Other Marfam Projects:

  • Promotional parish talks on current family topics, e.g. marriage, parenting, grandparenting, loss.
  • Giving retreats, talks, seminars and workshops on aspects of family life.
  • Developing and promoting resources for widowed ministry.
  • Sexuality and HIV/AIDS education
  • Collaborating with the SACBC’s Family Desk on current programmes e.g. PARISH FAMILY MINISTRY.
  • Part of SACBC Family working group.
  • Lobbying within and beyond the Catholic network for greater awareness and support for marriage and for family needs.
  • Linking with other marriage and family movements.
  • Networking with the National Department of Social Development through the National Family Services Forum.


  1. Nanana

    Hi. I am looking for your publication that has contact lists for family life support at the back. I had one but misplaced it. How can I get it?

    HI, get it from MARFAM. It depends where you are or if it needs to be posted to you.

  2. Timothy van Niekerk

    What are your bank details so I can donate at the bank.
    Yours sincerely Timothy van Niekerk.

  3. M. letsoalo

    When is the next seminar or workshop on family matters. I am interested in attending. Thanks

  4. Toni Rowland

    Thanks for your request. We do workshops of different kinds on request. Where are you based so that we could follow this up. Toni

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