Lord God, 

Thank you for the gift of my spouse

and our sacrament of marriage.

Thank you for the life we have shared

with each other and our children.

In our marriage continue to show us your way,

to live and love freely, without fear or self-pity. 

Teach us wisdom and thoughtfulness, 

gentleness and trust.

Make us quick to discover the best in each other

and slow to find fault.

Teach us never to take each other for granted.

Encourage us to make time to grow together,  

to be generous with kind words and compliments

and mean with criticism.

Keep us from selfishness and hasty judgements,

criticism and hurt.

When we hurt each other open us up to forgiveness.

Instill in our minds, hearts and souls

the passion and compassion of Jesus

so that we may live our lives in unity for his glory. 


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