Parental Love is Godly Love

Apr 29, 2016

This poem is a bridge between April’s theme of God’s Love is Divine Love and May’s theme Parental love

Like ours, your life was a journey
From conception to death and beyond,
A journey from God, with God, to God
Your strength? The strength of your Father’s bond.

Jesus ClaudioJoseph and Mary guided your steps
Growing up “in favour with God and man.”
Mary was constantly there at your side,
your ministry, living out your Father’s plan.

Your Father in heaven, your mother on earth
sustained you through those final days,
with you the victim of men’s sins,
subjected to their mocking gaze.

O loving Lord what hurt you most
And led you almost to despair,
Was it feeling so alone
Betrayed, bereft of any care?

Your Father loved you through it all.
Your mother never left your side.
It was vulnerable love that conquered death,
the might of love that opened wide

the gates of heaven, the road ahead
for each of us who goes that way.
A father’s love, a mother’s care
Protect us lest we go astray.

So loving Lord, my thanks to you
For showing in this deepest way
Parental love is godly love
Sustain all parents, this I pray.

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