2nd Sunday of Easter. Divine Mercy B. Ubuntu Family Thought

Fr Joseph had been a keen supporter of the Divine Mercy devotion and he loved having an opportunity on this Sunday to share with the congregation.  He held up the well-known picture and told the people. “St Faustina  had received many visions of Jesus.  He revealed to her a particular message of the mercy of God.  During Holy Week and Easter we celebrated the mystery of God’s love but here we focus on God’s mercy. Jesus himself said, ‘be merciful as your Father is merciful.’  He gave St Faustina three ways of exercising mercy towards our neighbour: by deed, word and by prayer.” Fr Joseph highlighted that our mercy towards others is proof of our love for Jesus and glorifies him. “Can you see this important connection?” he asked. “Talk about this at home and discuss any examples even small ones of how you have been able to show mercy.” Patricia thought she knew what she wanted to share. “Flora is always part of our family. The other day I saw she wasn’t feeling well when she doing the ironing, so I offered to help her. She was so happy. But I didn’t tell mom, I thought she might be cross.” 

There was not any one needy among them.  From  Acts 4:32-35.

Pope Francis: The Church is called above all to be a credible witness to mercy, professing it and living it as the core of the revelation of Jesus Christ.   MV 25 . 

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