MARFAM’S 2020 resources are aimed at strengthening families with an awareness of their current reality and of the environmental challenges.

As a result of many societal changes the understanding of a family has changed in recent times. In the Catholic Church families of husband, wife and children remain an ideal and cornerstone of society. Today, many other forms of family exist and cannot be ignored. There are fewer married couples, and even fewer married in church. A single mother headed family is common, and on average more than 60% of children live away from their biological father. Grandparents, siblings and same-sex couples head families. There are childless families and adults who live alone but do remain connected. Pope Francis addresses all people and families everywhere, Christian and others.

Pope Francis has also highlighted the world as our common home with all elements in relationship with one another. It can be seen as a family of families and includes human, plant and animal families. Negative impacts of human behavior, excessive carbon emission and global warming affect the climate and the whole of creation.

Now it is our responsibility as the human family, beginning in the home, to make amends and when promoting family spirituality incorporate care for all of creation a vision promoted already 800 years ago by one of Pope Francis’ great models, St Francis of Assisi.

MARFAM 2020 Publications

MARFAM 2020 publications with the theme OUR WORLD, A FAMILY OF FAMILIES are built around a number of concepts and with a particular approach.


  • MARFAM’S underlying vision, adopted from Church documents, is of The Church as Family of God and The Family as Church, thus linking Church and family in a family focus.
  • The general societal awareness of the negative impact of global warming and climate change on the environment has been adopted by the Church from Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si focusing on creation and ecology. It recognises the family as an important resource and place for ecological action.
  • MARFAM’s approach, in a holistic way, incorporates the environmental focus into family spirituality. A family focus is recognized in all elements with God’s place in creation, in human, animal and plant families.
  • MONTHLY THEMES, built into the Family Year Planner and other resources, address various areas of family life, such as love and marriage, parenting, grandparents, youth, heritage, etc.
  • Themes are also inked with liturgical feasts, e.g. Easter in April or popular and national days e.g. Youth Day in June or Women’s Day in August.
  • DAILY THOUGHTS use a SEE-JUDGE-ACT approach, i.e. a look at life, scripture reading of the day and a relevant quotation, mainly from Pope Francis. They are a form of faith sharing for individuals, in homes, groups and parishes.
  • Other resources: a weekly e-newsletter, occasional booklets, retreats on relevant topics, parish visits and workshops deepen the understanding of the concepts.