Jan 1, 2020


The programme offers a variety of resources for individual, family and group use, for prayer, faith sharing and discussion.

  • A FAMILY YEAR PLANNER on the theme. This poster calendar can have important family dates added, e.g. birthdays, anniversaries. It can be stuck up and used as a family “liturgical” calendar for the “little church of the home.”
  • An explanation booklet of the theme to show how the environment, climate change and relevant family topics are brought together.
  • Different types of family and family relationships are the focus month by month. These may be linked with religious themes e.g. Easter in April or popular and national themes e.g. Women’s Day in August.
  • Reflections and suggestions for activities are offered on monthly themes.
  • Daily reflections by MARFAM are linked to scripture readings of the time and include topical quotations mainly from Pope Francis.
  • DAILY THOUGHTS are published on marfam.org.za/
  • Other booklets and articles for promoting family spirituality and family education, e.g. booklets on marriage, parenting, Stations of the Cross for Families, for the widowed, the bereaved.
  • Parish promotional visits.
  • Workshops on relevant family topics.

MARFAM’S 2020 resources are aimed at strengthening families with an awareness of their current reality and of the environmental challenges.

As a result of many societal changes the understanding of a family has changed in  recent times. In the Catholic Church families of husband, wife and children remain an ideal and cornerstone of society. Today, many other forms of family exist and cannot be ignored. There are fewer married couples, and even fewer married in church. A single mother-headed family is common and on average more than 60% of children live away from their biological father. Grandparents, siblings and same-sex couples head families. There are childless families and adults who live alone but do remain connected. Pope Francis addresses all people and families everywhere, Christian and others.

Pope Francis has also highlighted the world as our common home with all elements in relationship with one another. It can be seen as a family of families and includes human, plant and animal families. Negative impacts of human behavior, excessive carbon emission and global warming affect the climate and the whole of creation.

Now it is our responsibility as the human family, beginning in the home, to make amends and when promoting family spirituality incorporate care for all of creation a vision promoted already 800 years ago by one of Pope Francis’ great models, St Francis of Assisi.


“In the beginning” are the first words in the bible. In the beginning, before the world, the sun, moon, stars, animals, plants and humankind were created there was only God. But God had a passion to create, to share, to love and so every created thing came into being.
The desire for creation, co-creation and re-creation exists in every creature and so our world has evolved. Humankind was given the task of being stewards of creation. That includes responsibility for our own families. But has humankind gone too far, and overridden the role of creator out of love and begun to create for our own selfish ends?
How can we discern the difference and begin once more in every area of our lives?

The creation accounts in the book of Genesis contain in their own symbols and narrative language profound teachings about human existence and its historical reality, They suggest that human life is grounded in three fundamental and closely intertwined relationships: with God, with our neighbor and with the earth. These three vital relationships have been broken both outwardly and within us. This rupture is sin. Laudato Si S 66
As never before in history common destiny begs us to seek a new beginning. Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace and the joyful celebration of life. LS207 from the Earth Charter

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