Apr 1, 2016

APRIL.   GOD’S MERCY is DIVINE MERCY. INTRODUCTION.  “Mercy and faithfulness have met, justice and peace have embraced. Faithfulness shall spring from the earth and justice look down from heaven.” Psalm 85.   These words together with “love” are often used together in such picturesque ways. St Faustina experienced Jesus as a fount of mercy as is seen in the popular image of the rays or streams of mercy coming from the heart of Jesus. This led to the popular Divine Mercy devotion. The year’s theme “Be merciful like the Father” asks us to reflect on what God’s divine mercy really is and then to imitate him. The family reflections for April, which begin on Friday in Easter week, will focus very much on the aspect of God’s mercy while in other months we often consider the ways we imitate and share it with others.   There are nNuances in Pope Francis’ FACE OF MERCY (FM)  in understanding of God’s love and mercy found in Jesus.   Get to know Jesus and through him the Father.

How do we experience God’s divine mercy on a human level and share it within families?  Do we pray and play, walk and talk, eat and meet, fight and forgive mercifully? How from there on do we reach out to others?

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