Jul 4, 2018


 Introduction. I often come across grandparents who are seriously concerned about their grandchildren, young and also older young men and women. Of course the generation gap is bigger between them then parents and children and they may find it hard to understand one another.

Older people often have more time and a greater desire for a deeper prayer life. They also sometimes feel helpless and that they are no longer useful in life. This movement is therefore designed to help grandparents in particular to recognize the important contribution they can still make in the lives of their families no matter how far away.

There is no formal structure but it is helpful to be part of a group that can share with one another and offer mutual support. How often, where and when to pray can be decided or left open.

Specific scripture passages can be used or the readings for the day can be applied. I believe that the valuable part of this movement is in strengthening our relationship with God, through our love for our grandchildren, and also the relationship with our grandchildren through the awareness that is created that can allow the love to blossom. I dedicate this to my own grandchildren.  Toni Rowland


THE GRANDCHILDREN. Bring to mind each of your grandchildren and reflect on their special qualities and needs.  Put up their photographs or some other special mementoes.


Heavenly Father

I worship you and praise you for the great gift of life you have given to me.

With gratitude, wonder and awe I acknowledge that it is through my life

that you granted life to my children. They are mine, ours and yours.

They in turn have become the parents of our grandchildren, and some of us are already blessed with greatgrandchildren in your wonderful chain of life.

It is for all these young ones that I thank you and I pray for them today.

Some of them are strong in faith, others strong in body,

Some are beautiful in looks, others beautiful in spirit.

Some may be disabled, disfigured or destroy their own beauty.

Some achieve great things, others struggle in their lives.

The world in which they live is different from the world in which we lived.

Sometimes we do not understand each other, their world and their ways

And we need your gift of forgiveness so that we can be at peace.

They are special to You and to us and You have given them to us to love and hold in prayer,

Today I earnestly pray that through my intercession no evil will befall them

and that the hopes and dreams we have built up over the years will be theirs too.

May your kingdom grow in our lives and in theirs.   Amen


Any other formal prayers can be used, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be or the Rosary can also be prayed.

T Rowland  2018

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