Church History. Family Faith Focus May 25. “Families walk the Talk”

Mr and Mrs Post thought that it would be a good idea to make a short study of the history of the early Church so they told their children. “Now that Easter is over and all the left-over chocolate eaten, let’s go on a journey back in time and use the Acts of the Apostles as a bit of a route map.  We already know a lot of what happened mainly from the gospels but we want to put the puzzle together a little bit.  We hear many names in the news today of the places where Christianity began, places like Damascus and Syria and Jerusalem.”  “To start, after the Resurrection Jesus appeared to people alone or in groups, e.g Mary Magdalene who thought Jesus was the gardener, the apostles then went fishing, Thomas who had a special experience of touching Jesus’ wounds.  The Acts of the Apostles was written as a continuation of the gospel of Luke and is mainly about Paul and his conversion and his missionary journeys. It begins with a short description of post-resurrection events, the promise of the Holy Spirit   and Jesus’ farewell, his being taken from their sight.  His final words were, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and to the end of the earth.”   Acts 1:8.   Now it is up to us in our end of the earth.   Could we as a family do more to bear witness?  Let us discuss that and try to make a plan between now and Pentecost.”

Pope Francis.  Let us not sadden the Spirit.  The corporal and spiritual works of mercy continue in our own day.  Mercy impels us to roll up our sleeves and set about restoring dignity to millions of people. It requires us to banish indifference and hypocrisy.   From MM.

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