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Considering that everyone belongs to a family and that 99+% of the Church consists of laity living in family relationships of various kinds in the world and in line with the SACBC Pastoral Plan, of Community Serving Humanity as well as the model of the family as the domestic church and the Church as the Family of God it is our mission:

  • To invite a greater awareness of the needs of the family as the domestic church.
  • To source and provide suitable resource material for family strengthening, enrichment and promotion of the spirituality of marriage and family relationships and daily life.
  • To develop and distribute resources for family catechesis.

Recent Newsletter Articles

A Wonderful Sign

A Wonderful Sign

AN ADMIRABLE SIGN.  “Why does the Christmas crèche arouse such wonder and move us so deeply? First, because it shows God’s tender love: the Creator of the universe lowered himself to take up our littleness. The gift of life, in all its mystery, becomes all the more...

INFORMATION ON THE 2020 FAMILY YEAR PLANNER NOW AVAILABLE REFLECTIONS,   Extracts from A JESSE TREE, FAMILY THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY, DECEMBER 2019 December 5th. Jacob.  Read from Genesis 28 – 35.  Jacob, Isaac’s son, is the last patriarch, those men of stature who, in...

Pope Francis is big in Japan

Pope Francis is big in Japan

Pope Francis made a historic visit to Japan this weekend, this being only the second time a Pope has ever visited the nation, the first being in 1961, of Pope John Paul the 2nd. His message was to promote a world free of nuclear armaments and, to Christians, the...

Reflections.   Extracts from Thoughts for the Day November 2019

Reflections. Extracts from Thoughts for the Day November 2019

November 20th.  At baptism the parents are reminded that they have the duty to pass on their faith to their children. Godparents stand at their side and often grandparents are the ones in families who take this responsibility too.  Many people have been martyred for...

How do you feel about death? Can you look death in the face?

How do you feel about death? Can you look death in the face?

How do you feel about your own death or that of a loved one, either a young person or an elderly one who may have had their length of days, plus some? Dying, death and bereavement have been on my mind, in my heart and prayers during this month of November.  Someone...

How You Can Get Involved

Marfam Thought of the Day

Short Faith and Life Thoughts around family issues and the theme of the month are provided each day for reflection, sharing, discussion and prayer. Using the well-known SEE-JUDGE-ACT approach, a short life situation introduces an extract from one of the daily scripture readings followed by a quotation from writings of Pope Francis or similar.

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Our newsletter blog section aims to offer food for thought on a relevant current issue from a family perspective.

Some extracts from Thoughts of the Day, relevant Reads and Events and Current Resources are provided for information and use.

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