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Considering that everyone belongs to a family and that 99+% of the Church consists of laity living in family relationships of various kinds in the world and in line with the SACBC Pastoral Plan, of Community Serving Humanity as well as the model of the family as the domestic church and the Church as the Family of God it is our mission:

  • To invite a greater awareness of the needs of the family as the domestic church.
  • To source and provide suitable resource material for family strengthening, enrichment and promotion of the spirituality of marriage and family relationships and daily life.
  • To develop and distribute resources for family catechesis.

Recent Newsletter Articles

20, 200, 2000. The Church lives on.

20, 200 or 2000.  The Church lives on.   20 + years of MARFAM and Retrouvaille, 200 years of the Catholic Church in South Africa, 2000 years of Christianity.  These are good dates to remember, to commemorate and celebrate.  They may be good news or bad news at times...


REFLECTIONS. EXTRACTS FROM FEBRUARY THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY February 21. Welcoming the rainbow after the storm David wondered, “South Africa likes to see itself as the Rainbow Nation and we have borrowed the image from this Bible story about Noah and the Flood.  What is...

Will you be my Valentine?

Nearly 20 years ago on the 1st Valentine’s Day after Chris’s death I admitted to a little self-indulgence. I wrote in MARFAM’s magazine “Chris is still my Valentine” and published a photo of us taken at our daughter’s wedding a few months earlier.  A short article...


EXTRACTS FROM THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY FEBRUARY 2019 February 14.   Valentine’s Day.  David mused, “Of course this day is all about love but is there something special and unique about God choosing an appropriate helper.  How can we really judge whether two people fit...

Is Tolerance Too Tall an Order?

It’s official!  Tolerance is government policy in the UAE. There is a Minister of State for Tolerance, His Highness Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and 2019 was declared the Year of Tolerance for which a series of initiatives is planned. See...


February 8.    Josephine Bakhita.  As a young girl she was sold on slave-markets in north Africa several times. Like other slaves she suffered indignity and abuse.  Eventually she was taken to Italy by a caring family where she converted to Christianity and later...

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Marfam Thought of the Day

Short Faith and Life Thoughts around family issues and the theme of the month are provided each day for reflection, sharing, discussion and prayer. Using the well-known SEE-JUDGE-ACT approach, a short life situation introduces an extract from one of the daily scripture readings followed by a quotation from writings of Pope Francis or similar.

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Our newsletter blog section aims to offer food for thought on a relevant current issue from a family perspective.

Some extracts from Thoughts of the Day, relevant Reads and Events and Current Resources are provided for information and use.

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