2014 November calendar reflections

Family Life Desk – Department for Evangelisation – SA Catholic Bishops’ Conference P O Box 941, Pretoria, 0001,   Cel 082 552 1275  trowland@sacbc.org.za  also www.marfam.org.za 2014, INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE FAMILY :  FAMILIES TOGETHER, THAT’S US! NOVEMBER THEME: LOSS AND NEEDED SUPPORT     A selection ...Read More

Family Matters Newsletters October 2014

MARFAM’S FAMILY MATTERS – OCTOBER 2014 20th Anniversary International Year of the Family, theme: FAMILIES TOGETHER, THAT’S US! OCTOBER THEME:  REACHING OUT, FAMILY TO FAMILY  MARFAM – MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RENEWAL MINISTRY – NPO 103-814. Communicate with us www.marfam.org.za facebook or info@marfam.org.za Family Matters ...Read More

Poem – anonymous

And the Lord said GO! And I said who me? And He said Yes You. And I said But I’m not ready yet And there is studying to be done. I’ve got this part-time job. You know how tight my schedule is. And He ...Read More

Spring poem. Will the desert bloom

Will the desert bloom? When you were a child, you behaved like a child, Eager, anxious, excited, easily hurt, Feelings at the surface, immediate and strong. Then as an adult you learned to mask the immediacy, the neediness, delay the gratification, (as the behaviourists ...Read More